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Accommodations in Sedona

Featuring a few helpful links for options if you are looking for a place to stay in the Sedona area.

Sedona/Phoenix Shuttle

Sedona Chamber of Commerce

Sedona Tourism Guide


*Note: “Flash” is a Tattoo industry term referring to Tattoo-specific designs.

Here’s an AWESOME site for viewing a wide variety of Tattoo Flash. Many very cool and unique images and a great general selection of styles and genres.

As with many Tattoo Flash sites, they would like you to purchase designs from them, however in this day and age, it is a small matter to simply forward or cut’n’paste any links you find to your Tattoo Artist. A good Tattoo Artist will then be able to replicate or at least use as reference, any design of your choosing, without you needing to purchase it from a Flash web site.


A wonderful Tattoo Flash site with lots of great options and high-quality artwork to chose from.

A link to a plethora of font lettering styles to select from!

Tattoos are toxic. A 3” x 5” tattoo may contain approximately double the California daily allowance of lead/heavy metal exposure, implanted in the skin! If anyone tells you tattoos are not toxic, they are lying. They are horrible for you. All the more reason to THINK CAREFULLY about what, if anything, you want to make the sacrifice of having tattooed!

Some links on the topic:



A GREAT introductory site covering the meanings and significance of a wide range of tattoos, their origins and designs. 

Spiritual Skin: Sacred Tattoos, More Than Skin Deep.

A link to an excellent book, entitled Spiritual Skin, by Tania Marie, and prominently featuring Sacred Fire Tattoos. This book is a must-have for the library of any spiritually inclined tattoo enthusiast or collector. In this book Tania deftly conveys the depth and magical significance of the tattoo and looks closely at the alchemical process that occurs when one approaches their tattoo with positive intention and the awareness of tattoos as a form of worship and honoring all that is sacred in this life of the body.

The Truth About Tattoos: Health Risks, Toxicity and More

Educate yourselves. Do your own research. Tattoos are a huge commitment and sacrifice in more ways than you might think. Find our more about what you are getting yourself into. Make informed and well thought out decisions. AND, if you are going to inject the ink into your skin, perhaps at least consider those images which you find uplifting, empowering and inspiring.

A general, comprehensive site addressing professional removal of tattoos.

Tattoo Pigment Information @

A brief synopsis.

Specific and concise information on tattoo ink composition.

A comprehensive tattoo directory with all sorts of useful links and features.

Water Crystals: Their molecular structure and connection to intention.

A wonderful site filled with GREAT images presented in a very organized fashion. Considering the fact that we are mainly water, it is extremely relevant to take this information into consideration as we contemplate our tattoo designs.

This is the best site out there if you are a tattoo professional (or interested in becoming a professional tattoo technician), and features a wide variety of information and resources from some of the most gifted and talented artists in the industry today.

Guy Aitchison's website. One of my Tattoo-mentors and a leader and trailblazer in the tattoo medium.

Water Crystals: Information from What The Bleep Do We Know.

Additional resources on the important subject of Water Molecules and how they are affected by environment and intent. Very interesting information, especially for anyone considering getting a tattoo engraved onto their body.

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