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Siva, the artist of Sacred Fire Tattoos

Professional Bio

An avid, talented and prolific artist since a wee lad, I have been working as an award-winning, professional tattoo artist since 1998.  My tattoo artwork has received many awards and accolades, and has been featured in numerous magazines, (including Skin & Ink, National Geographic, International Tattoo Art, Urban Ink and Skin Art) as well as many newspaper feature articles.  My shop experience includes working at Ink Designs Inc. in St.Thomas, U.S.V.I., operating Sacred Fire Tattoos in Sedona, AZ, Santa Barbara, CA, Tortola, B.V.I. and Chicago, IL, as well as running Peter Tat-2 in Sedona, AZ.

Before entering the tattoo profession, I worked for eight years as a Graphic Designer in the screen printing medium, and for five years as a professional Bodywork practitioner within various healing modalities including: diet, yoga, massage and subtle energetics.

I have been very fortunate to have been able to study with some amazing tattoo artists (including Guy Aitchison, Luc Zietek , James Kern and Brian Everett) who have given generously of their experiential knowledge, both technically and artistically.

I have also taken the cleanliness aspects of tattooing to a new and unique level.  Good luck finding a studio as clean or a procedure as health and safety conscious!  I have given presentations around the country (from youth groups to medical professionals) on all aspects of safe tattoo procedure.  Currently plans are in the works to form instructional programs aimed at other tattoo artists as well as a video for schools to help educate the students about safe tattooing as well as good decision making.

When not tattooing, designing web sites, painting canvas, taking photographs, making crafts or preparing the custom art for tattooing, I can usually be found walking in the woods, camping out, enjoying time with my family and riding my Yamaha off-road motorcycle!

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One: an original painting by Siva

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